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Jasper County Abstract Company, Inc.

offers a complete spectrum of TITLE INSURANCE and TITLE SEARCH services. The search processes we undertake have been developed and perfected while serving the community since 1928. These services, combined with our highly-rated Title Insurance, provide both PROTECTION for you and your real estate purchase, as well as the ASSURANCE that an exhaustive search of all public records have been completed. All possible resources have been examined, and any information pertaining to your real estate has been discovered.

Title Insurance

TITLE INSUANCE is protection against LOSS. These losses can arise because of problems connected with the title to your real property (real estate). Title Insurance protects YOU and your interest in real property, easements, leases, or life estates, a lender's financial interest, etc. against loss due to TITLE DEFECTS, LIENS or other LEGAL matters.

Loan Policy (Mortgage Policy)

This protects the lender's interest in the property should a claim arise. Mortgage coverage is based on the loan amount.

Owner's Policy (Fee Policy)
Title vested in purchaser is free of all liens, defects and encumbrances except those listed as exceptions in the policy or are excluded from the scope of the policy's coverage. Owner's coverage is based on Full Fair-Market value.

Order Title Insurance

Title Insurance Order Form

To use our convenient online Title Insurance Order Form please click on the link shown above. Please download this form. Be sure to save your completed form. You may email the form to us at: mail@jcabstract.com.

Title Searches

The process of performing a TITLE SEARCH involves accessing the official public records for the subject property. Each record is a document evidencing an event which occurred in the history of the property. A DEED records an event of property transfer, a MORTGAGE documents the collateral interest of a home loan, and a LIEN documents a claim against the property in favor of another, such as a creditor, vendor, or tradesman. The objective of the Title Search is to establish clear, marketable TITLE by exposing any outstanding claims prior to transfer of title.

Information Report (Memorandum of Title)
This is a search of real estate to determine ownership, property legal description, and any liens or encumbrances that affet the subject property such as but not limited to taxes, mortgages, judgements, tax liens.

Full Title Search

This is the same search as the Information Report, plus aditional searches for easements, leases and other recorded documents affecting subject real estate.

Judgement and Tax Lien Searches

A search against the subject individuals or entities for judgments and tax liens i the office of the Clerk of Records.

Settlement and Closing Services

Escrow services for residential, commercial, cash, refinances, and Tax-Free Exchanges under Section 1031.

Real Estate Document Recording

Process and Proofread documents affecting real estate and have said documents transfered/recorded in the approriate County Offices.

Uniform Commercial Code Search (UCC)

A search of the County's Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statements filed against designated real estate property.

Mortgage Foreclosure Commitment
A search of all public records which is prepared for a bank or other mortgagee which anticipated foreclosing its mortgage on that particular piece of real estate. This includes a certification of the title to or ownership of the land in question, a legal description of the mortgaged land, a listing of necessary parties or defendants to be named in the foreclosure action, information and title exceptions, and all real property tax information concerning the premises to be foreclosed. The amount of insurance contained in the mortgage foreclosure guarantee is limited to a maximum of $10,000.00.

Chain of Title

List of successive conveyances for a particular time period and for a particular parcel of land. A complete chain of time would be from the government patent to the current person/entity claiming title.

We value the input of our clients above all else. If you're in need of a speciality service, please feel free to call us. New services offered have been developed over many years, driven mainly by the requests of our clients.

1031 Tax-Free Exchange Service

An Exchange of Real Estate under Section 1031 of the United States Tax Code provides that when property held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment, and is exchanged for the same kind of property, the capital gains can be deferred. Claiming a 1031 Exchange can be complicated, and you must comply with multiple requirements.

Interested in Tax Free Exchange We can help.


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